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British acoustic Alt- Folk 4 piece, combining vocal harmonies, percussion, guitars and occasional trumpet

Mookie + The Bab has been a long time coming. Core Issimo members Marc, Abi, Conor and Will are venturing into the world of stripped back organic sounds and vocal harmonies. Marc our chief songwriter- “Many of the songs are inspired by Climate Change, Floods, Fires and Desertification, something we all feel strongly about”

Stripping Instruments away from the usual full sound of Issimo, we are experimenting with just the barebones - acoustic guitar, bass, drums and percussion with some trumpet. Most importantly to us getting the vocals sounding nice and layering in rich harmonies. 

Leading up to lock down we were enjoying been locked away in rehearsal rooms together, exploring sounds, harmonies, playing around with song arrangements and instrumentation, preparing for our first show. We managed to film 5 videos with live recordings right before COVID 19 descimated the live music scene. They were filmed in the beautiful old victorian tunnels in Bradford ‘Sunbridge Wells’ inside the Gin Bar by talented cinematographer Jonny Ridout. 

We plan to release these live recordings as singles in the upcoming months and we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating/performing them. We had plans to head into the studio to create a body of work, however we don't know when that will be possible and we can’t wait to share this with you. 

Wether you are an Issimo fan coming in from seeing the raucous carnival vibes of our 8 piece band, or you are brand new, we welcome you into our new world, while the imagery is often drawn from the sad demise of Mother Nature, we are positive and hopeful people, hence why we have chosen our first single to be “I Will Be” a cheery tune about looking after one another in uncertain times.

If you like our music please let us know by subscribing on the usual social media platforms and YouTube and of course you can sign up to our mailing list. If you really like us then please share with your friends and spread the word.

We look forward to seeing you in person at a live gig in the not so distant future.

Lots of Love 

Mookie & The Bab





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